IALUTEC® CREAM 3H+ – Eye contour cream

IALUTEC® CREAM 3H+ – Eye contour cream

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COMPOSITION: A 3-in-1  pure hyaluronic acid with three different molecular weights and synergistic active ingredients. SOMETHING HERE with a lifting, moisturizing, decongestant and soothing action.
IALUTEC® CREAM 3H + is an innovative highly effective anti-wrinkle cream-gel promoting the overall beauty of the eye area, including the eyelid.

DOSAGE: A few drops around the eyes, gently massaging from the inner corner of the eyes to the outside, up to the eyelid.

SIZE: 15 ml tube.


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Thanks to the exclusive formula, packed with specific active ingredients with a targeting and synergic action, IALUTEC® CREAM 3H+, performs a TRIPLICE ACTION: LIFTING, HYDRATING- DECONGESTING, and PROTECTIVE. Ideal for skins particularly sensitive to external aggressions (weather, make-up, pollution…) or as an adjuvant to medical – aesthetic treatments.

LIFTING AND HYDRATING ACTION, thanks to hyaluronic acid and INSTENSYL®, a next-generation glucan biopolymer.

HYALURONIC ACID is a molecule capable of tying and retaining water in tissues determining skin elasticity and compactness. HA, together with collagen fibers, defines the structure of the skin, strengthening the cutaneous tone.
The concentration of hyaluronic acid present in tissues decreases overtime with exposure to ultraviolet rays and pollution. Because of this process the skin loses hydration and elasticity which result in wrinkles formation and reduction of the cutaneous compactness.

IALUTEC® CREAM 3H+, contains 3 different types of hyaluronic acid, that act as:
– Filler: High molecular-weight hyaluronic acid remains on the surface of the skin where it retains huge amounts of water. This protective and filling action helps to mitigate micro roughness.
– Long-term hydration agent: reticulated hyaluronic acid (cross-linked), which is more resistant to degradation, generates a long-lasting hydration over time giving a more uniform and compact appearance to the skin.
– Antiaging: Low molecular hyaluronic acid easily penetrates the skin barrier by plumping wrinkles depth.

The INSTENSYL® quickly adheres to the skin forming a viscoelastic film with a tensor effect counteracting the skin wrinkles.

DECONGESTION ACTION: the tetrapeptide Eyeseryl®, ash extract and meliloto extract are highly decongesting.

The tetrapeptide EYESERYL® is a specific peptide that prevents the degradation of collagen fibers by increasing skin elasticity. Its strong draining properties and anti-inflammatory action promotes the reduction and attenuation of bags and dark circles.
THE FRASSINO EXTRACT improves the lymphatic microcirculation of the periocular area with an actively protecting the blood vessels functionality.
MELILOTUS EXTRACT performs anti-inflammatory activity and intense anti edema action.

LENITIVE ACTION thanks to CM Glucan (Carbossimetil beta glucan) and THE RED ORANGE COMPLEX®

CM GLUCAN (Carbossimetil beta glucan) is a natural polymer capable of stimulating the immune system by protecting the most sensitive skin from age-induced damages, external agents, UV rays and free radicals.
RED ORANGE COMPLEX® is a unique extract, rich in polyphenols and vitamin C, with high antioxidant and photoprotective activity. ROC helps protecting the skin from UV damage, counteracting the effects caused by free radicals and toxic substances such as smoke and pollution supporting the natural defence systems of the skin.


The active ingredients used for the first time combined together in synergic action, create a cosmetic product delivering immediate results that stay overtime, validated by scientific tests.
Laboratory tests have confirmed the instantant and moisturizing effect of IALUTEC® CREAM 3H+: the facelift effect is immediate after the first applications and its daily application increases the average hydration of the skin on the treated area.


IALUTEC® CREAM 3H+, eye contour, comes from Eye Pharma’s experience of over 10 years in the field of eye care and well-being. Ialutec Cream is an innovative cosmetic treatment, highly specific that promotes the beauty and well-being of the eye and eyelid contour (periocular area).
A few drops of product should be applied around the eyes, morning and evening starting from the inner corner of the eyes outwards and continuing on the eyelid. Massage gently until fully absorbed.

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